Buddha temple located at 1300 metres up in the mountains

Pokhara: Day 4

This is unreal. I have never experienced in my entire life, not even when my kids were new born, such lack of sleep. However, despite the major lack of sleep, I am stunned at how I can still manage to function quite optimally on so little sleep. One day at a time. I am sure I will sleep at some point….

Pokhara: Day 1

Made it to beautiful Pokhara safe and sound after a thrilling 5 hr drive 😬 There is driving along the Amalfi coast, riding a taxi in Manhattan ….and there’s riding to Pokhara from Kathmandu for 5 hrs.


Ottawa-Philadelphia: check!

Next….Philadelphia-Doha…12:15hrs 😬 I wonder if I can run up and down the isle a few times?!?! 2 books (one on Nepal, and other one by Dan Millman ” The Journey of Socrates”), my journal, and melatonin to help with h a little snooze ….but who’s tired?! Just facetimed with my little guy and hubby. Teen…