What’s new with me

After five months of preparation for my first marathon, I sustained a stress fracture in the left ankle, only 2 weeks before the race.  The training went well, but unfortunately, I was unable to race.  Before the injury surfaced, I had also signed up for a 1/2 marathon in the Gatineau Park on November 1st.  As a result of my injuries, I am no longer able to run this one either.  However, recovery is going very well.   I start strength and conditioning for long distance running shortly and am hoping to run my marathon in the spring of 2015 to pursue with ultra marathon later in the fall. Stay tuned for more details!

My first half marathon

My first half marathon

I have been teaching group fitness for a long time, and am very active. I should be able to run this half marathon no problem! So I take up a dear friend of mine on her offer to run a half marathon with her in May 2011. I must point out that this was my first race ever. No 5km. No 10km. Right for the 21.1km. Why not?!

Spartan 2012 - 2

My Spartan Races

In 2012, a friend convinced me to run this crazy mud race called “Spartan”. Because I never say no to a challenge, I agreed. It’s only 5km (which was nothing for me at that point), but a 5km in the mud is quite a different experience. Oh .. and I must had that on race…